Email support

If you would like to receive support by email, please contact us at

What to expect when you email

  • You will receive an automatic reply acknowledging your message so that you know it has been received. We aim to respond to your message within 7 working days. If you need a quicker response then please phone us.

  • We will believe what you tell us.

  • We will reply to your email and may ask questions, but we won't pressure you to tell us any more than you're comfortable with. 

  • We want to give you space to talk about whatever is on your mind. We won't try to influence you to make a particular choice.

  • You are welcome to keep talking to us by email for as long as you find it helpful. 

  • If you would find it helpful, we can provide you with information on other services and resources. 

  • We don't save emails for more than one month, so you may like to include previous information that you have shared with us in the text of your email, if this would be helpful to you.

  • Please note we are unable to open attachments, so please include all information in your email text.

Internet safety

If you contact us by email, we will see the email address you contacted us from. If you do not want us to know your real email address you could set up a free anonymous email address and use it to correspond with us.  Companies such as HUSH (, Yahoo and Hotmail supply free email addresses. Our internet safety page has more pointers on hiding your tracks online.


  • Our service is confidential and you do not have to give us your name or any other information about you. You can remain completely anonymous if you prefer. 

  • We will not disclose your emails to anyone outside of OSARCC and regularly delete all emails that we receive.

  • We will only break confidentiality if you ask us to, or in certain circumstances where you've given us relevant information, and we're concerned for your (or somebody else's) safety. For more information about this please see our Child Protection policy.

  • If you have feedback or comments about our service, it is possible that we may wish to use it in our publicity, fundraising material and reports to our supporters. This is always done anonymously (as on our 'who we help' page). If you make any such comments and do not want us to share them in this way, then please let us know.

Line workers

  • We are all volunteers and all women

  • We have been trained in the issues and effects of sexual violence and abuse

  • We care about your problems

  • We know that it takes courage to contact us

  • We will believe you

  • We are not easily shocked