Who we help

We support women and girls (you get to decide if this description applies to you), who have experienced any kind of sexual violence or abuse, including rape, assault, and harassment, whether very recently or in the past. 

We welcome calls and emails from people of all backgrounds and sexualities and our volunteers will not make any assumptions.

We also support people of any age or gender who are supporting a woman survivor of sexual violence or abuse.

We do not currently offer ongoing support to male survivors of sexual abuse or rape, but if you contact us we can help you to think about your options for other services that could support you.

OSARCC is an inclusive organisation who actively challenge discrimination in all its forms (including but not limited to discrimination based on race, religion, sexuality, disability, ageism, and classism) and welcomes contact from women from all walks of life, including sex workers and trans women. 

Quotes from people who have contacted us

'Your service really has provided a unique space for me. I appreciate it. I was so alone for so long. I feel I am moving on'

'OSARCC answered an email and said if someone makes you do something you don't want to it's abuse, and that made me feel, for the first time, justified in calling it sexual abuse. It made me feel I had a right to feel so bad.'

'The group is at least 80% responsible for my recovery so far. I can't imagine what would have happened without it.'

'I found it very easy to let my thoughts and feelings reel off when emailing but I was not pushed to give any information. I felt that I was able to speak about what I wanted'