New Bridges Project Collaboration


A  trio  of  charities,  Oxford  Against  Cutting  (OAC),  Oxfordshire  Sexual  Abuse  and  Rape  Crisis Centre (OSARCC) and The Sunrise Multicultural Project (Sunrise) are working together on a collaborative project   with   specialist   focus   on   issues   of   sexual   violence   in   BAMER communities.  The  Trio  aim  to  create  a  toolkit  for  community  groups  and  professionals  to tackle these issues.

The Trio will pilot workshops with BAMER women and services to address “internal” barriers which  prevent  women  from  seeking  support  following  sexual  abuse,  as  well  as  workshops for specialist sexual violence workers to address “external” factors, such as learning for services  and  staff  about  cultural  norms.  A  short  film  will  be  created  by  young  people  from BAMER  communities  to  highlight  key  issues  around  sexual  violence  in  these  groups,  and  a leaflet  will  be  made  to  support  BAMER  families  to  recognise  sexual  abuse  and  highlight support options. The  project  aims  to  support  the  provision  of  early  intervention  and  support,  by  creating bridges between BAMER communities and services.